by Merlin

Let me tell you a story...

I asked myself,
Why do I live?
Why do I suffer?
What is the purpose of my life?
As I sought answers,
I realized that life,
in its boundless forms,
is the most precious gift.
Yet, in the haste of our days,
its value is often forgotten.
We stand at a crossroads,
where our actions can either
harm or heal our world.
Now, it is up to us.
By making the right choices,
we can create a rich,
sustainable future
for every life on earth.
We have the chance
to become the heroes
of our own story
once again,
by putting nature
at the heart
of our decisions.
The answer to my questions
lies not in seeking
grand achievements
but in appreciating
the miracle of existence
and positively impacting
the world around me.

Embracing our power

In today's dynamic era,
where the pace
of change and innovation
is unprecedented,
it's easy to feel overwhelmed
by global challenges.
Yet, the key to
impactful change
begins with you.
In the quiet moments of reflection,
we can sense
the interconnectedness
of all life
and our crucial role
within it.
This profound realization
empowers us to act
not only with
intention and compassion
but also with informed hope.
We live in a world
where collaboration
on a global scale,
leveraging new
groundbreaking inventions,
and continuous
learning and research,
have the power to create
significant positive impacts.
This is our opportunity
to redesign the world.
It's crucial that we
embrace our capacity for
and transformation.
For in every moment,
armed with our combined
knowledge and empathy,
lies the potential
for extraordinary change.
The kind of magic
that can reshape our world
for the better.

Acting from the heart

I am committed to
capturing life's beauty,
engaging deeply in
meaningful conversations,
and finding joy in both
laughter and learning.
Patience guides me
as I offer support
to those in need,
and I allow myself to fully
experience my emotions,
whether it's shedding tears
or laughing heartily.
In my professional journey
as a designer,
and videographer,
I aspire to tell
and true stories
that touch hearts
and inspire change.
In my free time,
I'll continue
to invest my energy
in various ideas,
projects and initiatives,
passionately chasing my
interests and dreams.
I recognize that life's journey
can be complex
and at times overwhelming,
but I believe in my ability
to creatively shape my future.
With empathy at my core,
I strive to reduce
the suffering and pain
in my surroundings
By working with
heartfelt dedication,
I unlock a realm of
extraordinary possibilities,
transforming challenges
into profound opportunities
for growth,
and inspiring change
in the communities I touch.

Thoughtful thinking

I strive to turn
deep wisdom into actions
that light up the future.
My aim is to
spread happiness
and ease pain,
using bold ideas
to open new paths.
I'm committed to
looking at things
from multiple angles,
always trying to
foresee and think through
the impacts of my actions.
I know our time is limited.
Every day is a precious chance
for me,
and all of us,
to make a difference.
With an eye on the future
and a heart for today,
through careful thought
and focused action,
I'm dedicated to making
a real impact in the world.

With unwavering gratitude,
I dedicate my life
to what I believe in
most passionately,
the unique force
that gives meaning to
every breath,
every challenge,
and every pain.
The one thing that
lifts me from the depths,
defines my true essence,
and fuels my perseverance.
The powerful force that
rescued me from despair
and saved my life...

by Merlin